Filling up the Falcon box with toys

The goal was to fit the following into a standard Falcon case without drilling/cutting the case.
  • CT63 68060 card with 256 MB TT-RAM
  • 14 MB ST-RAM card
  • HDMI-out on the back
  • RJ45 connector on the back
  • SuperVidel graphics card
  • SvethLana ethernet card
  • IDE SSD drive

1. Overview

Here's a picture with everything mounted.
It's not as tidy as I'd like, but I'm not good at this shit.

2. Closeup of the CT63/Supervidel/cable mess

What's difficult to see is that the SvethLana is placed under the DVI-cabling (covered in insulate tape).
The Cat-6 cable goes from the SvethLana to the connector on the back and the DVI->HDMI cable goes around the floppy drive (couldn't find a cable with perfect length).

3. Falcon casing mounted

Yes it all fitted, casing went on no problems. As usual, I overdid the hot glue so it looks like crap.
From left to right: Power on/off, power input, reset, HDMI-out, 030/060 switch, RJ45 ethernet.

4. Aaaaand it's all over.

The assembled Falcon working well. FreeMiNT 1.18, 1600x1200 16-bit resolution, NetSurf showing the best web page in the universe (hmmmm...).

The bad news: It's not very tidy, it looks quite sloppy with the hot glue on the back.
The good news: If I did this, anyone can.

September 7, 2013
Anders Eriksson,