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This is the homepage of Anders Eriksson.
Some of the projects I am involved with:
  • Atari.Org
    Maintaining website, services, support and other stuff..
  • Dead Hackers Society (Wikipedia)
    Making Atari demos and demoscene services.
  • SNDH music archive
    Maintaining the SNDH music archive. Atari ST/e chipmusic collection.
  • Falcdemos
    Maintaining the largest online collection of Atari Falcon demos.
  • XSC
    Helping development of an Atari ST/Amiga music player for Mac OS X.
Older projects that are either abandoned or finished:
  • SND Player
    Development of SND Player with utils.
  • Atariscene DVD collections
    Creating and distributing DVD videos of Atariscene productions.
  • D.U.M.P.
    Programming of a small efficiant module player for Atari Falcon.
  • Atari demo and game music module archive
    A collection of digital music from the ST and Falcon years. This project is put on ice since several years now.
  • MiniACE
    Programming of a small multitasking ACE Tracker player for Atari Falcon.
  • GemDemo
    Project about doing fast realtime graphics in GEM. GEM Demo is on ice since then 90's.
  • APXConv
    Programming of a small image conversion utility (for APEX blocks).
  • GODConv
    Programming of a small image conversion utility (for GodPaint images).
  • CTPic
    Programming of a small patch utility (for CT60 bootup images). This app is now obsolete as it doesn't work with recent CT60 TOS versions.
  • Evl's cooking
    Easy cooking for coders that are fed up with Pizza! This is put on ice since several years as well, and was mainly a joke.
  • Graoumf Is Not So Damn Slow
    Graoumf Tracker player for Atari Falcon
  • Nullos Tracker Krap
    Atari Falcon player for DNT Tracker NTK files.
  • T.A.P.
    Programming of a small multitasking Art Of Noise player for Atari Falcon.

Anders Eriksson
Wii: 5264 3739 0902 8485
PSN: evldhs
Last updated: January 8, 2009