How to do the impossible, part 2: Setup Hatari

First a warning: some screenshots might look a little different as they reflect the current Hatari 1.5 development version.
  1. Download Hatari 1.4 (or later) from their project page:

  2. Create a folder on your computer which you like to be the Atari harddrive.
    In my example below I've chosen /Users/ae/Desktop/blah/AtariHDD/

  3. Download a collection of TOS images from here:

  4. Unpack the TOS-image archive at some place suitable.

  5. Start Hatari, this screen will show up:

    If it doesn't show up, you need to install some libraries, I think it's LibSDL for Mac OS X and zlib on Windows.
  6. Click OK, select [System] and configure as seen here:

  7. Go back to main menu and select [ROM], choose ST_UK/TOS_162.IMG from the TOS package you unpacked earlier.
    This is the most compatible TOS for old STe-prods, but lack features from later versions.

  8. Go back to main menu and select [Memory]. Chose 4 MB, then you'll have enough memory to run stuff from harddrive. A couple old ST-demos will choke on 4 MB due to a lousy memory-check routine, lower to 2 MB in those cases.

  9. Go back to main menu and select [Floppy disks]. Make sure "Slow floppy access" is checked. Some track-loading demos won't work with a speeded up floppydrive.

  10. Go back to main menu and select [Hard disks]. Select the folder you made earlier under GEMDOS drive and check "Boot from HD".

  11. Go back to main menu and select [Atari monitor]. Make sure "Show ST/STE borders" is checked.

  12. Go back to main menu, save settings! Yes we're getting close.

  13. Copy a demo to your Atari harddrive directory, in this case I've chosen the excellent YM Rockerz music demo "Seven".

  14. Click [OK] in Hatari, the emulator will tell you that it has to reboot the Atari for the new settings to take effect. Do so and open the harddrive (in my screenshot I first switched to medium resolution).

  15. Navigate in TOS and double click seven.prg to run the demo. Profit!!!

Appendix, some useful hints